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Nintendo Wii WAD files are like a zip or cab file on PC that contain a full set of files for installing an .app (application, program, game). The main purpouse of Wii WAD files is to install custom made channels and cIOS, but they are also considered to be an equivalent of the ROM and ISO files majority of which are warez. Wii Homebrew Browser or WAD Manager can be used for an easy installation of WiiWare roms and Virtual Console roms that can be downloaded from torrents without paying for them in the WiiSTORE.

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Date Created: Wed Nov 18 06:37:03 2009

Snes9xGX 250249
mplayer_ce 190022
fceugx 150675
smw-wii 112662
WiiEarth 127278
dvdinstl34 124620
Gecko18 119726
quake 116287
radiow 104305
geckoos_cf 102182
vbagx 150643
dvdinst 147630
geexbox 101270
Zelda Ocarina Of Time N65.wad [47.14 MB]
Yoshi Story N65.wad [20.15 MB]
X-Men SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Wonderboy [MasterSystem].wad [14.22 MB]
Wonderboy In Monster World SEGA Genesis.wad [14.57 MB]
Wave Racer N65.wad [22.96 MB]
Toe Jam and Earl SEGA Genesis.wad [14.29 MB]
The Legend of Zelda NES.wad [13.14 MB]
The Legend Of Zelda Master QuestN65.wad [47.14 MB]
Zelda Link To The Past SNES.wad [16.23 MB]
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link NES.wad [13.9 MB]
Terranigma [inject] SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES.wad [13.87 MB]
Super Smash Bros [InjectGoodIcons] N65.wad [46.43 MB]
Super Probotector SNES.wad [16.04 MB]
Super Metroid SNES.wad [18.47 MB]
Super Mario-Picross SNES.wad [14.54 MB]
SuperMario World SNES.wad [14.69 MB]
Super Mario Kart [inject] SNES.wad [22.01 MB]
Super Mario Bros-Lost Levels NES.wad [13.43 MB]
SuperMario Bros NES.wad [12.9 MB]
Super Mario Bros 3 NES.wad [13.93 MB]
Super Mario Bros 2 NES.wad [13.29 MB]
SuperMario All Stars + Super Mario World [Inject] SNES.wad [16.22 MB]
Super Mario 64 N65.wad [20.69 MB]
Super Ghosts And Goblins SNES.wad [15.61 MB]
Super Castlevania 4 SNES.wad [16.14 MB]
Streets of Rage 2 SEGA Genesis.wad [14.91 MB]
Street Fighter 2 - The World Warrior SNES.wad [18.08 MB]
Street Figher 2 NES.wad [16.59 MB]
Star Trek - Future's Past SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Sonic The Hedgehog SEGA Genesis.wad [13.89 MB]
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 SEGA Genesis.wad [13.89 MB]
Sonic 3 SEGA Genesis.wad [15.87 MB]
Sin and Punishment N65.wad [46.45 MB]
Sim City SNES.wad [14.3 MB]
Shining Darkness SEGA Genesis.wad [14.9 MB]
Shadowrun SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Secret Of Mana [inject] SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Rocko's Modern Life SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
R-Type 3 SNES.wad [18.04 MB]
Punchout NES.wad [13.81 MB]
Pokemon Snap N65.wad [20.98 MB]
Pinball NES.wad [12.9 MB]
Pilot Wings [inject] N65.wad [45.93 MB]
Phantasy Star 3 SEGA Genesis.wad [15.48 MB]
Phantasy Star 2 SEGA Genesis.wad [15.26 MB]
Paper Mario N65.wad [43.93 MB]
Pac-Man NES.wad [13.05 MB]
Operation Wolf NES.wad [13.38 MB]
Ninja Gaiden NES.wad [13.46 MB]
NHL pro 99 N65.wad [20.98 MB]
NHL '98 SNES.wad [18.23 MB]
Metroid Prime NES.wad [13.21 MB]
Mega Man NES.wad [13.21 MB]
MegaMan 2 NES.wad [14.16 MB]
Mario Kart 64 N65.wad [26.25 MB]
Lylat Wars N65.wad [28.58 MB]
Kirbys Dream Course SNES.wad [14.72 MB]
Kirby NES.wad [14.1 MB]
Kirby 64 N65.wad [20.13 MB]
Killer Instinct SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Kid Icarus NES.wad [13.43 MB]
Ice Hockey NES.wad [13.07 MB]
Ice Climber NES.wad [13.01 MB]
Harvest Moon SNES.wad [15.79 MB]
Gunstar Heroes SEGA Genesis.wad [14.29 MB]
Golden Axe SEGA Genesis.wad [13.83 MB]
Golden Axe 2 SEGA Genesis.wad [14.64 MB]
Gain Ground SEGA Genesis.wad [14.11 MB]
GUNDAM SNES.wad [18.23 MB]
Final Fight SNES.wad [16.57 MB]
Final Fantasy VI SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Final Fantasy V SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
FinalFantasy NES.wad [14.1 MB]
Final Fantasy IV SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Final Fantasy III [Injection v2] NES.wad [16.48 MB]
FinalFantasy II NES.wad [14.1 MB]
FF - Mystic Quest SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
F-Zero X N65.wad [20.23 MB]
F-Zero SNES.wad [13.88 MB]
ExciteBike NES.wad [13.41 MB]
Earth Bound [Inject] SNES.wad [22.11 MB]
Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine SEGA Genesis.wad [14.24 MB]
Double Dragon NES.wad [13.22 MB]
Donkey Kong Junior NES.wad [12.72 MB]
DonkeyKong Country SNES.wad [18.23 MB]
Donkey Kong Country 3 SNES.wad [18.8 MB]
DonkeyKong Country 2 SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Deep Space 9 SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
DBZ - Hyper Demension SNES.wad [18.23 MB]
Comix Zone SEGA Genesis.wad [15.62 MB]
Columns SEGA Genesis.wad [13.82 MB]
Civilisation SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Chrono Trigger SNES.wad [22.51 MB]
Bubble Bobble NES.wad [13.71 MB]
Breath Of Fire 2 SNES.wad [17.36 MB]
Beyond Oasis SEGA Genesis.wad [15.92 MB]
Balloon Fight NES.wad [12.71 MB]
Altered Beast SEGA Genesis.wad [13.86 MB]
Adventures Of Lolo NES.wad [13.48 MB]
Actraiser SNES.wad [15.41 MB]
1080 Snowboarding N65.wad [20.7 MB]

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